Weaving Light and Space- upcoming Show at the Thistle Hall Gallery in Wellington 5-11 December 2016

“Weaving Light and Space”
Multidisciplinary Art exhibition by Beata Kozlowska and David Moraton
Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington 5th -11th December 2016
PV: Mon 6-9 pm

“Weaving Light and Space” is a first New Zealand based collaborative art exhibition by two visual artists with artistic careers in the UK: Beata Kozlowska and David Moraton.
The exhibition showcases their recent art works made in Wellington. Lines, strings and light are recurrent elements and main motifs of both artists’ installations, paintings, drawings and videos. Wherever placed three-dimensionally or represented on a bi-dimensional surface, these lines connect each other in weaving structures, mapping the space that they live in, creating complex organic forms and casting lights and shadows. Both artists find commonality in using lines and light to evoke the transcendental through abstract images, which constitute an integral part of their visual languages.

‘Theatre of Colour and Movement’. Art Collaboration between Beata Kozlowska and David Moraton at Toi Poneke, Wellington, New Zealand

Theatre of colour and movement, is a collaborative project made in Toi Poneke Art Centre  betweeen David Moraton and I. We are two artists who collaborate and join commonalities in our practices. Our collaboration revolves around the concept of interdependence as we are showing how two artists can fully blend and interrelate to create a combined artwork.

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Hidden Stories, art project in Toi Poneke, Wellington NZ

Hidden Stories, art project in Toi Poneke, Wellington NZ is a project exploring the idea of connectivity and freedom of associations. Being on the other site of the Hemisphere, made me inspired to develop further experimentation with line and integrating cut-outs painted drawing. Cut-outs are essential element of the installation and they have no fixed place on the imaginary map of the inhabited space of the studio . The geography of the mind, in a way referring back to my early series of work Mental Geography ( London, Studio Voltaire), is an attempt to disperse any possible compositional frame and open a performing space, where the presence come about.

BK toi poneke detail 0716 WEB
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Upcoming NZ ART Show 3-6 June 2016



I am delighted to announce that I was selected to participate as a solo panel Artist during the NZ Art Show, one of the largest, Affordable Art Fairs in New Zealand.

I will be showing my newest series of work on paper and also some of my previous work made in London.

I am hoping to meet some interesting people and art lovers here on the new land, in Wellington, one of the most exciting artistically capital in this part of the world.



PREVIEW – Thursday June 2, 12.30pm – 2pm 

Exclusive access to the show  for Friends of the 2015 NZ Art Show: browse the art and make your purchases at your leisure.

Then return later in the day for the Gala party.

 GALA EVENING – June 2,  6.30pm – 9.30pm


SHOW DAYS – June 3 – 6 

Doors sales available

Friday and Saturday: 10am – 7.30pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Monday: 10am – 4pm

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Arteles Art Residency in Finland

Arteles Snow 2016    Arteles Jan 2016


I am in Finland with my artistic collaborator, who actually happens to be my husband as well one of the greatest blessings in my life. The art residency is  held in Arteles Creative Centre, situated about 70 km away from Tampere. We, along with another 9 artists invited to the residency programme at that time, are creating as a response to Nature and the mystic landscape in a completely remote space, with a limited access to internet and urban areas. We are looking forward to seeing Northern Lights. We will also possibly be able to open further collaborations with artists, and travel. After that, there are further exhibitions, artistic collaboration in London and also abroad still in process which I am very much looking forward to.


Arteles, Finland, Snow and Traces 


Link to the Arteles Residence Website


Here some of my newest experiment with the light projection and shadow. Finnish Landscape surprises me with amazing long shadows, throwing on the bluish, dry snow.

The freezing cold weather ( -31 degrees Celsius) makes me feel internally hibernating and prompts to draw like frozen icicles on paper, created unexpectedly, with all the consequences of its ‘fragile stability’.

Black Sunset Jan 2016    Theatre of Light and Shadows

Arteles Winter Lanscape





Ransome’s Dock and Chrom-Art Collaboration in Battersea Luxury Apartments London

Ransome’s Dock

October 2015

I am excited to announce that two of my sculptures from the El Dorado series from 2011, have been selected to be on loan with the Luxury apartment at Ransome’s Dock in the heart of London.

Ransome’s Dock is a collaboration with boutique firm of architects and property developers CPLD. Chrom-Art supplied paintings, photographies and sculptures for the marketing of two bespoke luxury riverside apartments in Battersea, London.

image (1)


image (3)       Ransom'e Dock

The ex- apartment of Victoria Beckham along with the view of my Sculpture El Dorado has been also published in Italian Edition of Vanity Fair Magazine.


Eldoraro at Ransome Dock London     El Dorado at Ransome's Dock Luxury Apartments, London       CLPD Art Loans Battersea LondonRansome's Dock Artworks View, London


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TEN at Gerald Moore Gallery 7 November to 19 December 2015

Exhibition open Saturdays 12-4pm
7 November to 19 December 2015
South London Women Artists is a group of over 130 artists who aim through their exhibitions, events programme, educational workshops and publications, to enhance public knowledge of the practice, impact and achievement of women in visual culture.From 7 November to 19 December 2015 there will be a six week exhibition with ten exhibiting SLWA artists showcasing their current practice. The work has been selected anonymously by two of our trustees from an open submission.
Gerald Moore Gallery is open to the public on Saturdays 12-4pm and other times by appointment. Tel: 020 8857 0448
Kate Bowe, Jackie Brown, Melissa Budasz, Francesca Centoni, Marion Jones, Liz Charsley-Jory, Julia de Greff, Gill Dove, Beata Kozlowska and Eithne Twomey.
Beata Kozlowska, Alpha Geography, gel pen and goauche on paper, 
2015, 60x 60 cm, framed.
Beata Kozlowska, Triple Geo-Universe,  gel pen and goauche on paper,
2015, 60x 60 cm, framed.