Cortijada Los Gazquez- Art residency

Cortijada Los Gazques- art residency in Spain, 28 November – 12 December 2009
The residency at Cortijada Los Gázquez has enabled me to change my perspective in terms of my practice and has given me a tremendous freedom to experiment without spatial limitation.
At the same time I felt very restricted in access to man made materials which led me to explore natural resources, found objects such as branches, dead almond tree trunks, stone and natural pigment etc…
I consider these found ‘natural’, ready-made objects had huge potential to be integrated within both outdoor and indoor installation.
 I purposely decided to deprive myself of the possibility to manipulate these objects through an ‘aggressive’ human approach like the convention of cutting and carving, for example. I wanted to access a kind of primordial way of conceiving the origin of nature, of being.
Cultivation of this overwhelming landscape, together with its semi-wilderness inspired me in a process of accumulation and construction possibly as part of a constant addition to a landscape pastiche. I found a dichotomy between the concepts of nature and culture I had not considered before and it has had an enormous impact on my work during the residency at JOYA.

About My Work

About my artwork

My practice is rooted in drawing practice as a process of articulating bodily gesture and thinking process. I am interested in exploration the destabilised, deconstructed Symbolic in order to emerge alternative ‘Syntax’. The work is highly influenced by linguistics, feminist discources and disparate aesthetics.The wide influences enable me to reflect upon my experimentation with form, material and colour in a purely aesthetic aspect.

I use recycled materials, ready-made objects, wool, plastic, wire, paper, thread and metal in order to manipulate and invite the viewer to the intellectual game I establish. I place some of the repetitive elements of the installation in different configurations.