• Collaborative Art installation with Video Artist David Moraton


    collaborative site-specific art installation with a video artist David Moraton,

    Toi Poneke Art Centre, Wellington, New Zealand

    Mixed media, interactive computer software, dimension variable, duration 10 mins.

  • Theatre of Light and Shadows

    Site-specific Installation, strings, tape, projections, mixed media
    Dimension variable
    Stills from the Video 'Theatre of Light and Shadows' January 2016

    (Art Residency ARTELES, Finland)

  • Drawing in Red


    Dimension variable,
    Site specific installation, mixed media, wool, tape, Drawing,
    found objects.

  • Ariadne Saw #1

    dimension variable, site-specific installation
    Mixed media, fabric, strings, tape, gel pen drawing on wall paper

  • Joya

    Site-specific installation, mixed media, found objects, trunks plastic protectors, rubber (Indoor installation)
    Site- Specific outdoor installation, found objects, wool, pebbles, branches

    Series of digital photographic prints

    Dimensions variable

    Art Residency Cortijada Los Gazques, November- December 2009, Spain

  • Pilgrimage


    KCCC, Kulturpolis, Klaipeda, Lithuania,

    Site Specific project, outdoor installation of sculptures,

    found objects, wood, paint, ropes, mixed media,

    dimension variable.

  • Late One Evening


    Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK.

    Site - Specific Installation, sculptures, found objects, Mdf wood, metal,

    tires, fabrics, dimension variable.


  • Working Title


    Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK.
    Site specific installation, found metal objects vinyl records, perspex,
    Dimension variable.