Art Statement

I make intuitive process driven acrylic paintings on canvas where the surface evolves out of chance encounters between marks and colour, the paintings are often heavily layered and reveal the narrative of multiplicity of layers and planes. I build up my paintings in stages, creating a sense of depth and complexity. I play with contrasting elements, exploring the tension between structure and chaos. My art reflects a sense of change and evolution, as things are destroyed and rebuilt and ultimately, finding harmony and equilibrium, even in the midst of opposites and contradictions.

My work involves multiple layers over time, which often result in accidental textured surfaces, erasures, repainting, and concealing. I work with colours, shapes and lines, often employing haphazard grids, an overload of forms, and handmade stencils. My use of a syntax of grids and geometry is inspired by a range of disparate aesthetics, including modernist abstraction, architecture, constructivism and post-painterly tradition.
The grid is applied as a palimpsest in a process in search of a new order or post-traumatic rebalance. Manipulation of forms and improvisation are key components of my artistic process, which is driven by the pursuit for internal balance within the composition.


Beata Kozlowska (born in Poland) currently lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand, (since 2016). She received her MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design (UAL) London and her BA (Single Hons.) in Fine Art Drawing, Camberwell College of Art at University of the Arts (UAL) London, UK, where she lived and worked for 12 years. Before her time in London, she studied Polish Literature and Linguistics, earning a Master’s Degree from the University of Warsaw.

Kozlowska has exhibited extensively in London, the UK, and internationally in countries such as Lithuania and Spain. Her participation in various international art residencies and projects includes ‘Working Title’ at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth, (UK), JOYA in Los Velez, Spain, KCCC Creative Center in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and ‘Arteles Creative Centre’ in Finland.

Since 2016, Beata Kozlowska has been residing and working in Wellington, taking a break for her young family. During this time, she participated in a two-person show at Thistle Hall Gallery, an in-situ project at Toi Poneke (2016), and more recently, in the group show ‘Do Not Swallow’ at Safehouse1&2 in London, UK. Her works can be found in private collections in the UK, New Zealand, and Spain.

beata portrait

Beata Kozlowska

Born in Poland.  Currently lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand


                      2022- 2023                          Turps Correspondence Course, mentor Prof. Michael Stubbs

  2009-2010  Master of  Fine Art,

Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

  2008-2009  Postgraduate Diploma Fine Art

Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

  2005-2008 BA (Hons.) Drawing,

Camberwell College of Art, London (2:1)

  2000-2004 MA  Polish Literature and Linguistics,

University of Warsaw, Warsaw;  Specialities: teaching;

Animation for Social and Cultural environment;

   2008  QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)  

Artistic achievement/awards

2015 Nominated for SAFTA in visual arts category as South London Women Artists group.

2014  Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers, Conway Hall, London, SLWA collaborative Public art residency, supported by Arts Council.

2011 (August) Working title Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (selected artist in residence).

2011 (July) KCCC, Artist in residence, Klaipeda, Lithuania.

2010 (November) Clifford Chance Sculpture Commission (Shortlisted artist), Canary Wharf, London.

2009 (November-December) ‘Cortijada Los Gazques’, JOYA, Artist in residence, Los Velez, Spain.

2009 (May) UH Galleries Prize ‘Eastern Approaches’ for contemporary sculpture.

2003 (November)  Firebirds Oerlinghausen (near Bielefeld) Germany;  international multidisciplinary artistic project (painting, Land Art, Gestalt, video, music)in  collaboration with artists from Italy, Poland and Germany.

Solo exhibition

Poetics of Geometry  solo exhibition Beata Kozlowska, Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington, NZ.

Selected group exhibition


DO NOT SWALLOW,  Safehouse 1&2, Group exhibition, London, UK. 


FT2  curated by CHROM-ART, ACTIU Showroom, London, UK

Tribe 16, International Arts Festival, 47/49 Tanner Street, London, co-curating Beata Kozlowska and Kris Cieslak

Weaving Light and Space, two persons show, Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington, NZ

Theatre of Colour and Movement, Toi Poneke Art Centre, project space, collaboration between Beata Kozlowska and David Moraton, Wellington, New Zealand

NZ ART SHOW, TSB BANK Arena, Wellington, New Zealand

Silence, Awareness, Existence.  Arteles, Art residency programme, Finland (selected).

Blueprints, Roman Susan Gallery and Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Centre, group show exploring experimental drawing, Chicago, USA.


Tribe15, Alternative Art Festival, ‘Ugly Duck’ Tanner Street 47/49, co-curated with Chrom-Art.

ID , Display Gallery, London.

Formetrinity, Water and Oil Gallery,  curated by Diana Malcolm, London

Death and Transition, Gabriel Fine Arts Gallery,  curated by Yolanta Gawlik and Melissa Budasz.

Ariande saw 2- homage to Blake, experimental art performance, Crypt of St. John’s Church, Waterloo, London.


 Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers, Conway Hall, SLWA group art residency and series of talks and workshops, supported by The Arts Council, London.

The Why Front, South London Women Artists collaborative Project, The Albany, London.

 Open House, Open studio, Studio Voltaire, London.

Espacio Gallery Colourswatch, curated by Reema Dreaming, Pat Keaey and   Chrissy Thirlaway. London.

Postcards Anon, West London Action for Children, London.

Q-art – Art crit – Creative conversations, Griffin Gallery, London.


 Open Studio, Studio Voltaire, London.

Piecework, Espacio Gallery, curated by Jackie Brown, Pia Randall- Goddard, London.

I am inside, Ring the Bell, curated by Leonie Cronin and Laura Moreton-Griffiths, 47/49 tanner Street, London.

Stephen Lawrence Centre, curated by Melissa Budasz, London.


 Snap, Bankside Gallery, SLWA group show, London.

Dreams are private myths-Myths are public dreams, curated by Sophie Leach, Minna Georgieva, Dulwich Library, London.


  Q-Art Annual Show, Deptford Gallery, London.

Aspex Gallery, project ‘Working Title’ Portsmouth.

Pilgrimage Kulturopolis KCCC  artist residency and exhibition, Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Mayfest  Art Fesitval, Notting Hill, London.

 Women and books, curated by Sarah Sparkes, Dulwich Library, London.


 Arteria, St George the Martyr Borough High Street, London.

MA Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

‘Going Postal ‘, ICA Gallery, London.

The Woodmill Gallery, ‘Salon’, Collaborative project, London.

Bankside Gallery, curated by Kelly Chorpening, London.

Triangle Space Gallery, MA Interim Show, Chelsea College of Art &Design, London.

South London Gallery, ‘Art bin’ curated by Michael Landy, London.

Oblong Gallery, ‘Dotted by intervention’ curated by TFN, London

Celebrating Women Artists, Dulwich Library collaborative SLWA group show, London.

Auto-Italia, postgraduate collaborative project between artists from Chelsea College of Art and Design and Wimbledon College of Art, London.


  The Vyner Street Gallery, ‘Archeology of Subject/object’, curated by Beata Kozlowska, collaborative group show, London.

Frieze Art Projects, ‘Open Call-Impossible Exchange’ curated by Brina Thurston, London.

 ‘District as One’, collaborative show, Jotta Contemporary, The Legion, London.

Victoria Baths, ‘Ponglish for Beginners’, curated by Steven Maxwell Campbell, Manchester.

Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair, London.

Rochelle School (Club Row), ‘Invisible means of support’, Postgraduate Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

‘Eastern Approaches 2009’, UH Galleries, Open Sculpture Exhibition at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.

SLWA, ‘Celebrating South London Women Artists’,  Dulwich Library, London.

Gallery 77, ‘Collision’, co-curated with Nandita Chaudhuri,  London.

RED GATE Gallery, ‘Micro-Macro Vision’, London.


 Interim Show, Postgraduate group show, ‘Sold’ Triangle Space,Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London

Surface Gallery, ‘The Annual Postcard Show’, Nottingham.

Nolia’s Gallery, ‘Fragments’- four artists collaborative exhibition, Great Suffolk Street, London (curation of the show).

 Café Gallery, Annual exhibition, London.

 South London Women Artists, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London.

 Degree Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London.

 ‘Top Drawer’ group exhibition curated by Catherine Devriese, Camberwell College of Arts, London.


‘Borrowed space’ site specific art residency  and exhibition in collaboration with IDEA SPACE, London.

‘Small object’, ‘The Foundry’, London.


“Firebirds”, Group exhibition young artists from Italy, Poland and   Germany (including land art, painting, video, music) Oerlinghausen, Bielefeld, Germany.

 Curatorial projects


Tribe15, Alternative Art Festival, ‘Ugly Duck’ Tanner Street 47/49, co-curated with Chrom-Art.

Ariande saw 2- homage to Blake, experimental art performance, Crypt of St. John’s Church, Waterloo, London.


The Vyner Street Gallery, ‘Archeology of Subject/object’, curated by Beata Kozlowska, London.

Gallery 77, ‘Collision’, co-curated with Nandita Chaudhuri,  London.

RED GATE Gallery, ‘Micro-Macro Vision’, London.


Nolia’s Gallery, ‘Fragments’- four artists collaborative exhibition, Great Suffolk Street, London.

Solo exhibitions

Pilgrimage Kulturopolis KCCC,  Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Articles/ publications

Theatre of Light and Shadows– Catalogue published by Arteles Creative Centre,  Finland, 2016.

Geography of Mind interview with Beata Kozlowska, by Javier Melian, Co-Founder of Chrom-Art, London, 2016.

Poetry Performance and the Death Cafe, Death and Trandition, Special Event, Discussion on Contemporary Female Art, Edition 3, SLWA, March 2015.

I Am inside the Ring – Book published in conjunction with the SLWA Show, 2013.

The Collaborator, A-n art Magazine Blog, written by Nicola Dale, August 2011.

Klaipeda Old Town is occupied by Three art Installations, ‘Menokiemas’ Klaipeda Cultural Communication Centre,  August 2011.

Beata Kozlowska, My personal journey- In search for a NEW syntax, ‘Dulwich On View’ August 23, 2011.

Teresa Bazarnik, Multicultural dynamism, ‘Nowy Czas’  September 21, 2010.

Emily Rose Faludy, South London Women Artists display their talents at Dulwich library and Artdog. ‘Dulwich OnView’ March 20, 2009.


Ingrid Beazley, Micro-Macro vision at the Red Gate Gallery, ‘Dulwich On View’ March 13, 2009.


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