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Arteles Art Residency in Finland

Arteles Snow 2016    Arteles Jan 2016


I am in Finland with my artistic collaborator, who actually happens to be my husband as well one of the greatest blessings in my life. The art residency is  held in Arteles Creative Centre, situated about 70 km away from Tampere. We, along with another 9 artists invited to the residency programme at that time, are creating as a response to Nature and the mystic landscape in a completely remote space, with a limited access to internet and urban areas. We are looking forward to seeing Northern Lights. We will also possibly be able to open further collaborations with artists, and travel. After that, there are further exhibitions, artistic collaboration in London and also abroad still in process which I am very much looking forward to.


Arteles, Finland, Snow and Traces 


Link to the Arteles Residence Website


Here some of my newest experiment with the light projection and shadow. Finnish Landscape surprises me with amazing long shadows, throwing on the bluish, dry snow.

The freezing cold weather ( -31 degrees Celsius) makes me feel internally hibernating and prompts to draw like frozen icicles on paper, created unexpectedly, with all the consequences of its ‘fragile stability’.

Black Sunset Jan 2016    Theatre of Light and Shadows

Arteles Winter Lanscape





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