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Weaving Light and Space- upcoming Show at the Thistle Hall Gallery in Wellington 5-11 December 2016

“Weaving Light and Space”
Multidisciplinary Art exhibition by Beata Kozlowska and David Moraton
Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington 5th -11th December 2016
PV: Mon 6-9 pm

“Weaving Light and Space” is a first New Zealand based collaborative art exhibition by two visual artists with artistic careers in the UK: Beata Kozlowska and David Moraton.
The exhibition showcases their recent art works made in Wellington. Lines, strings and light are recurrent elements and main motifs of both artists’ installations, paintings, drawings and videos. Wherever placed three-dimensionally or represented on a bi-dimensional surface, these lines connect each other in weaving structures, mapping the space that they live in, creating complex organic forms and casting lights and shadows. Both artists find commonality in using lines and light to evoke the transcendental through abstract images, which constitute an integral part of their visual languages.

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