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Hidden Stories, art project in Toi Poneke, Wellington NZ

Hidden Stories, art project in Toi Poneke, Wellington NZ is a project exploring the idea of connectivity and freedom of associations. Being on the other site of the Hemisphere, made me inspired to develop further experimentation with line and integrating cut-outs painted drawing. Cut-outs are essential element of the installation and they have no fixed place on the imaginary map of the inhabited space of the studio . The geography of the mind, in a way referring back to my early series of work Mental Geography ( London, Studio Voltaire), is an attempt to disperse any possible compositional frame and open a performing space, where the presence come about.

BK toi poneke detail 0716 WEB
BK. TOi POneke Installation June2016.mirrors

Cut-outs, made of my own artwork, going through the process of redefinition, or rather disintegration and finally creating quasi pictograms- New Symbolic.

My deliberations on the process of creation are recently rooted in Concrete poetry,  Surrealist method of approaching a subject matter, and especially,  recent influence of  Miro’s enigmatic aesthetic language and his  immediacy of drawing and painting. Hidden Stories reflect upon the unknown and forgotten, elements represented by intuitive gestural drawing, covered by layers of paint and drawing, transformed and finally displaced in the NEW Structure, possible to be enacted by the viewer.

BK FD hidden storries installation web
BK toi poneke detail 07.16 BEata
BK. TOi Poneke Installation detail.July 2016
Beata Kozlowska
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