• Arteles – Art Residency in Finland, Theatre of Light and Shadow

    Art residency at Arteles this January was a good experience of withdrawing and stopping my mind and body into further investigation of line and drawing medium in general. I was fascinated by the frozen, silent landscape, brightly lid by the winter Sun and bluish shadows thrown on the snowy fields. During the residency I made […]

  • Geography of Mind. Beata Kozlowska’s Interview in Chrom-Art

    by Javier Melian; Chrom-Art co-founder. Cover portrait by Emma Zarifi. Beata Kozlowska was born in Poland. There she studied Polish Literature and Linguistics at University of Warsaw. But her dream was to study Arts, so she decided to give it a try in London. Short after she was admitted to the University of The Arts […]

  • Improvisational Landscapes: A geography of the mind

    Beata Kozlowska’s latest abstract works live between the realms of drawing and painting and retain from previous works the spontaneous force of gestural expressionism, the improvisational drive that, playfully, weaves a complex, well structured “drawscape”. In this new series of works, the improvisation is still the main source, but it functions at two different psychological […]