Constructing the New Order

Beata Kozlowska, The New Eldorado, Outdoor installation view, Aspex
Beata Kozlowska, The New Eldorado, Outdoor view, Aspex
The second week of my work became more settled , I gradually started using materials I chose in the first week to have a good process of figuring out/ putting elements together in the new order….  My work seems to be very controlled in many cases. But this control is derived from utopian aspiration to Harmony and balance…
The first series of work I called ‘The New Eldorado’ as a reference to pop culture and the myth built around the golden age of prosperity. Golden plastic lid, purity of blue, orange and White… Colour is another indication of unifying and enabling symbiosis within the object.  I was also experimenting with already existing natural ‘presupposition’ of brought objects. I use them in assemblages, mini- installation, Solaris, with mirrors, metal bars, round shapes of the records, lampshades…

Beata Kozlowska, Solaris, installation details, Aspex

Beata Kozlowska, Late One Evening, Aspex
Beata Kozlowska, Late One Evening, Detail, Aspex
The elements are assembled and constructed in a particular way, they may resemble maquette of the city, dysfunctional furniture or imaginary design subliminally referencing modernism, Post-Duchampian tradition of ready-made, interior design of Bauhaus and domesticity…the references are endless, the objects are open like a text for further interpretation…The Game is never-ceasing, established rules of having limitation within plurality was a great experiment…

Beata Kozlowska, Neue Sachlichkeit, Aspex


Beata Kozlowska, Neue Sachlichkeit, installation detail, Aspex

Beata Kozlowska, Neue Sachlichkeit, installation detail, Aspex
Beata Kozlowska, Volant piece upon me, Aspex

Beata Kozlowska, Volant piece upon me, Aspex

At the end of the week I was tempted to create ironic harmony, merely maintaining a balance within the assembled objects. Orange mini columns, reminiscent of negative furniture, are fragilly supporting each other balancing on the red string…
The process of creating my work was so similar to the process of my usual art practice. I found the project relieving and inspiring.  Also I had a chance to collaborate/ or rather interact not only with fellow artists ( Nicola Dale, Jason Tylor, Andy Parker), but also with enthusiastic audience.

‘Working Title’- experimental project in Aspex gallery in Portsmouth

Beata Kozlowska, After the Fall, Aspex
Beata Kozlowska, Solaris, installation detail, Aspex Gallery
Beata Kozlowska, Broadening the View‘Working Title, Aspex
On the first day of my arrival to Aspex gallery on Sunday, I was impressed by the good choice of brought ‘public’ objects.
Following my intuition, I started immediately selecting wide range of objects, part- elements, prefabricates….
The selection of elements is purely improvisational and rather dictated by aesthetic symbiosis within the assemblage.


Beata Kozlowska, The New Eldorado, Aspex

Beata Kozlowska, The New Eldorado, detail, Aspex

My first installation is deliberately limited to round shapes, lines, reflection of stripes of randomly selected elements. It became an intriguing  Game for me as an artist and the viewer. I intend to make links between disparate elements and materials with unconscious desire to find HARMONY And CLARITY in unwanted/ rejected/ negative… The necessity to construct a new ORDER based on existing, may have some inner roots in deconstruction similar to metaphor of ‘reborning the Phoenix from Ashes’ for the sake  of clarifying and relieving…

Beata Kozlowska, AnneXing, Aspex (studio view work in progress)

Beata Kozlowska, Untitled C, Aspex

Art Residency in Klaipeda Cultural and Communication Centre- Opening of the final installation on the courtyard of Parodu Rumai

Opening of the final installation on the courtyard of Parodu Rumai in Klaipeda

Pilgrimage -installation, mixed media, July 2011

Pilgrimage,  installation view, July 2011

Pilgrimage,  installation detail, July 2011
Pilgrimage,  installation detail, July 2011

Pilgrimage,  installation detail, July 2011

Pilgrimage,  installation detail, July 2011

Pilgrimage,  installation detail, July 2011

Pilgrimage,  installation view, July 2011

Pilgrimage,  installation detail, July 2011

My work created during the Residency at KCCC has been predominantly influenced by the interesting mixture of historic architecture and industrial part of the City port, with overwhelming cranes, platforms and docks.

I was searching for source in order to make my work, as I usually use in my artistic practice found elements, mundane and recycled materials.
I was astonished when I came across industrial skip in Klaipeda…

KCCC Exhibition Hall presents: ‘Pilgrimage’ interview with Beata Kozlowska

My sculptural installation consists of several objects, based on found pieces of furniture, ropes, part-objects, which are assembled in an intuitive and playful way.
In my work there is a domination of geometry, visible in cubes, triangles, squares, and rectangles of the silhouette of the assemblage. Quasi-geomertical instllation is disrupted by playful interventions within the object and the whole installation space.

This geometry, hidden order of the calmness of the CITY, has its own Natural Existence, chess-like plan of streets, patterns on the road, pavements, fechwerk of historic buildings.
At the same time, Klaipeda as the CITY Port has its unknown factor of constant fussion of ideas, turists and traditions mixed with STABLE NATURAL unstappable FLOW of LIFE.

My work is also a constant reference to other aesthetic languages of moderinism, minimalism, postminimalism, constructivism and Post-duchampian tradition of ready made.

I tend to see the object as a starting point for my artistic and playful improvisation.
There is also an urge for aestheticization of EVERYDAY life through seeing beauty in unwanted.

Forthcoming Artist Residency for JULY 2011 to Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KKKC) in Klaipeda, (Lithuania)

I am delighted to announce that I was invited for an Artist residency for JULY 2011 to Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KKKC) in Klaipeda, (Lithuania).

I will be posting my pictures and documentation of my work in such an exciting seaside location!

‘Residing artists are encouraged to produce works of art that specifically suit Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre‘s gallery and „The Yard of the Art“ space that belongs to the Centre. Artists are also recommended to engage in creative experiments, innovations, public presentation of their works (educational lectures, discussions) as well as interactive creative projects that would involve participation of local people’.

Residency ‘Cortijada Los Gazquez’ Spain 28 Nov-12 Dec 2009

Residency Los Gazquez Spain 2009

The Results of the Residency

The residency at Cortijada Los Gázquez has enabled me to change my perspective in terms of my practice and has given me a tremendous freedom to experiment without spatial limitation.
At the same time I felt very restricted in access to man made materials which led me to explore natural resources, found objects such as branches, dead almond tree trunks, stone and natural pigment etc… I consider these found ‘natural’, ready-made objects had huge potential to be integrated within both outdoor and indoor installation.
I purposely decided to deprive myself of the possibility to manipulate these objects through an ‘aggressive’ human approach like the convention of cutting and carving, for example. I wanted to access a kind of primordial way of conceiving the origin of nature, of being.
Cultivation of this overwhelming landscape, together with its semi-wilderness inspired me in a process of accumulation and construction possibly as part of a constant addition to a landscape pastiche. I found a dichotomy between the concepts of nature and culture I had not considered before and it has had an enormous impact on my work during the residency at JOYA.

Untitled  (outdoor site specific installation)
(site specific indoor installation, found tree protectors, branches, wool, rubber)

Untitled  (outdoor installation)


Untitled 2 (metal, found object)
Ub-Trans (Mdf, wood, string)
Agape ( Mdf, wool, wood, perspex)
Rotary -metry ( found mdf, string, perspex, felt)
Untitled (installation, wood, perspex)

Veiling Geometry
(installation, metal wire, wool, mdf, fabric)

Untitled S (Detail)
Untitled S (Mdf, wood, found perspex, wire, string) 
(wood, perspex, cardboard, srting, found plactic)

Black Rectangle (found wood, felt, perspex, string)

Wings to heaven
(wood, plastic, wool, mirror perspex)
Vortex 1 (found wood, mdf, perspex, string)

Composition with Red, Black and String
(Mdf, wood, plastic,  felt, perspex, string)

Construction with Red, White and Blue 
(found timber, Mdf, plastic, perspex, felt, string, aluminium)

Construction with Red, White and Blue