Mental Geography- new series of drawings

The recent project is spinning around encapsulation and mapping. The series is called Mental geography.

This is the result of my ongoing investigation of drawing with line both on paper and in ‘performative’, physical space. 

Beata Kozlowska, Coordination of planes, gel pen and gauche on paper,
30×42 cm, Studio Voltaire, 2015

Beata Kozlowska, Mental geography ,gel pen and gauche on paper,
40×45 cm,  Studio Voltaire, 2015

Beata Kozlowska, key to heaven, gel pen and gauche on paper,
 Studio Voltaire, 2015
The process of drawing, combined with a painterly technique, is a stepping stone towards discovering a new path of searching for New Syntax. Spiritual / meditative approach to the creation activity is led by  
 improvisation and higher level of play…overlapping, encapsulating, contouring, mapping…

Beata Kozlowska, Alpha rotation, gel pen and gauche on paper,
45x40cm, Studio Voltaire, 2015

Beata Kozlowska, Triple geo  universe, gel pen and gauche on paper,
              40x44cm, Studio Voltaire, 2015

Beata Kozlowska, Zen orbit, gel pen and gauche on paper,
                             38x45cm, Studio Voltaire, 2015

Beata Kozlowska, Alpha geography, gel pen and gauche on paper,
  40x46cm, Studio Voltaire, 2015

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