Improvisational Landscapes: A geography of the mind

Beata Kozlowska’s latest abstract works live between the realms of drawing and painting and retain from previous works the spontaneous force of gestural expressionism, the improvisational drive that, playfully, weaves a complex, well structured “drawscape”.

In this new series of works, the improvisation is still the main source, but it functions at two different psychological levels that perfectly complement each other. In the first one, very gestural and primal, Kozlowska applies dynamic strokes, wildly and spontaneously painted – or better-, projected from the instinctual depths of her soul. The second level of improvisation, milder, happens right after. Thin organic lines are drawn and they seem to explore the chaotic color strokes, outlining each of its singularities, flowing like jazz melodies in intuitive improvisation or like rivers running along irregular mountains.

This is indeed a genuine way of self observation and self definition. The organic lines limit – and therefore define – the strokes. Kozlowska searchs then to understand her inner instincts and psychological entities ( in a jungian sense) , to recognise them, to separate one from another, to give them an identity.
Opposite to the culture of search of the self in the external imaginary, Beata Kozlowska’s latest abstract works look deep inside and build complex structures from within, authentic maps of her mind, or geographical representations of her playful and dynamic soul.